Sharon (lap_of_the_gods) wrote in prisonbreak_tv,

Newbie to PB fics - advice needed !

Hi there! :)

I read a lot of Stargate SG1, Stargate Atlantis and Supernatural fics; but I've never read any PB fics. I keep being told that there's a lot of good ones out there, so I was wondering if someone could recommend some good places to start?


Michael centric fics please. There's no characters I don't like, so don't mind who else features. I particularly like Alex as a character, so anything heavily featuring those 2 characters would be great! No slash though please.


Something that's either episode based, or something that's plausable within the PB world... so no AU please!

I'm looking for plot based gen fics really. I have no issue with slash fics whatsoever (I'm a huge slasher), but I'd rather stay away from that genré in the PB fandom.

I don't want any MiSa... I don't mind mentions of them at all, their relationship is canon after all, but I'm looking for storyline more than relationship based fics.


I've just started a S1 re-watch, so S1 based fics would be ideal, but I've seen the entire series, so fics from later on is fine.

Think you can match something to my fussy criteria? LOL... I'm picky, I know...sorry!  :p

Thanks in advance for any suggestions people may have! :D
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